The Klez Dispensers are a band based in the NY-NJ-PA area, dispensing klezmer with a big-band sound. Their virtuosic and lush arrangements of traditional and original tunes are flavored with Yiddish swing. Founded in 1998 as a student group at Princeton, the band performs for a wide variety of audiences and ages at festivals, celebrations, concerts, workshops and dances throughout the tri-state area and beyond.

Individually, each Dispenser is an accomplished musician contributing artistry and skill. Together, they are available as an eight-piece band (instrumentation below, plus bass) or as a smaller group, and can perform with or without vocals. For maximum klez power, the full-strength band is recommended.

Alex Kontorovich, clarinet/saxophone
Ben Holmes, trumpet
Amy Zakar, violin/mandolin
Audrey Betsy Welber, saxophone/clarinet
Adrian Banner, piano/keyboard
Gregg Mervine, drums
Susan Watts, vocals/trumpet